Quality Checklist Digitization

For a real estate major in India


  • To replace paper based checklist filling and approval process with a digital process. There were 100+ different types of checklists being used
  • Improve co-ordination between stakeholders and reduce the time taken for approval of a single checklist document
  • Give better visibility to the management of current status of work.
  • Easy retrieval of data in case of quality audits and reviews.
  • Use the generated data for process improvement.

The Checklist Approval Process


  • Hierarchical data is defined in Protrak for Project, Tower and unit for inspection like Column, Beam, Wall, Flat.
  • Different types of checklists are associated with applicable units of inspection.
  • Dashboards and reports are defined at all the levels in the hierarchy to provide quick snapshot to the stakeholders.
  • Mobile app is used for checklist filling.
  • Users refer to actionable items in the app for finding assigned tasks.
  • Mobile app is used to click pictures and upload, provide their comments and provide approvals for checklists using the mobile app itself.
  • Reviewer reviews the checklist data, activity history, attachments and provides approval or suggests changes, using the mobile app.
  • The action taken by user automatically sends the checklist to the next person for approval.
  • Users collaborate with messages exchanged in the context of a checklist.
  • Users click pictures from their mobiles and draw on them for better communication.
  • Users can view attached files for reference or attach new files themselves as supporting documents for a checklist.

Solution Schema

  • Management views reports defined at different levels based on the type of checklist.
  • Hierarchical access control and role based permissions allow visibility of only relevant details and actions to the users.
  • The approved checklist document is exported in customer specified format and is uploaded to DMS using Protrak REST API.
  • For new projects, the admin team uses MS Excel plugin to upload the inspection units data to Protrak.



Improved productivity of the team due to easy to use mobile app having collaboration features.


Mobile app works even when offline, so user can work even in remote areas not having internet connectivity.


Ensures standardization of approval process across teams and projects.


Management is able to view progress in real time, allowing better control on project progress.


Management team is able to get insights on various process parameters like cycle time, frequency of failure.


Such insights are helping them in process improvement decisions.


This application is going to help the customer in completely eliminating paper based checklists.