ProrIIse - Agreements and IP Management

Digital operational blueprint for Legal agreements, Invention disclosure and review, Patent Management​

About ProrIISe


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ProrIIse helps automate the legal and bureaucratic part of the patent process for intellectual property developed by academicians in large and small institutes. It is equally useful for corporates and law firms engaged in such activities.

The software is highly customizable, and easy to implement. It has been jointly developed by Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, (IISc) and Prorigo Software Pvt. Ltd

ProrIISe Can Add Value To




Research Institutes


Law Firms



Unique Features


Digitizes IP lifecycle information

Covers all aspects of an IP asset, including legal, intellectual, financial


Best Practices, out of the box

All industry best practices of managing an IP from inception to monetization, can provide a head start in your digitization journey.


Highly customizable

The powerful low-code platform underneath ensures that the application can be tailored quickly for specific needs of an organization.


Handles docketing and workflows

Can easily adapt to your workflows and docketing process.


Reports and Dashboards

Ample canned reports available, and many more can be easily added as per the needs of the business


Highly Secure

World class security features gives you peace of mind that your data is protected always


Cost effective

Priced competitively compared to other available solutions.

Key Modules

Legal Agreements Management
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Single collaboration platform for all internal and external stakeholders involved in end to end management of legal agreements. Provides real time data at the click of a button, without the hassle of searching through emails, making phone calls, or searching through spreadsheets ...

IP Management System
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From the time an IP is disclosed for protection to the time a patent is granted and dies, several steps occur over a large period of time, spanning easily over 20 years. Monitoring this legal, financial and bureaucratic maze manually leads to a very inefficient system

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IP Management System

Benefits to all stakeholders
  • For each role, Actionable Items windows helps in quick decision making
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Process analytics
Benefits for IP Office
  • Establishes and streamlines processes
  • No missed deadlines and procedural requirements
  • Invoices tracked to docket id to monitor IP costs for a single invention
  • Checks and balances, permissions are captured and archived
  • Real time data analytics (e.g. delay analysis) and reporting
Benefits for Administration
  • Overview of complete IP portfolio at fingertips
  • Automated reports (e.g. ranking reports*)
  • Data analytics for various aspects of disclosure, patents
  • Financial aspects of protection and licensing*
Benefits for Faculty
  • Status of licensing and payments*
Benefits for Attorney
  • All invoicing records logged to track payments
  • All requests and permissions recorded digitally

ProrIISe at IPTeL, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

  • In production for over 3 years
  • Used by Institute faculty, Central IP office, Institute Administrator, law firms engaged in IP creation, from invention disclosure to monetization.
  • Securely hosted on IISc Azure cloud
  • Used by Central IP office and 600+ corporates who signed up agreements with the institute.


Govindan Rangarajan

Director, IISc

After using the software for over 3 years, the feedback from all users, including the faculty had been highly positive, since they have seen significant improvement in the process