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About Protrak

Protrak is a feature rich low code platform built with modern UI, on the cloud. It works very well for users on the field, with the mobile application that works both online and offline.

It can be used in various industries for digitizing processes like quality inspection, maintenance, and tracking of assets.

  • SaaS based low-code application development platform
  • Configuration driven flexible architecture
  • Customizable with UI widgets and programs for complex use cases
  • Designed from the ground up for cloud
  • Hosted on secure, fully managed cloud infrastructure
  • Designed for simplicity and ease of use
  • Proven implementations in diverse domains

Industries Served


Precast construction industry

  • Tracking product from planning to erection
  • Digitization of quality inspections and audits

Construction industry

  • Checklist digitization
  • Collaboration and traceability
  • Improved change management

Electrical equipment manufacturing industry

  • Product – parts traceability
  • Quality inspections for supplier delivered parts

FMCG distributors

  • Retail store visit planning and tracking for field staff
  • Tracking movement of stock from warehouse to distribution vans to retailers and sync it with ERP

Turnkey project industry

  • Collaboration between Business Development and Project Execution Team
  • Purchase and supplier tracking for bought out components and raw material
  • Customer service

Academic research institutes

  • Tracking patent application lifecycle from disclosure, filing till grant, cease/lapse
  • Legal Agreements management
  • Attorney invoice management via ERP integration

What comes with Protrak

  • Configuration driven Dashboards and Layouts
  • Barcode/ QR code scanning
  • View or update metadata associated with the scanned product
  • Upload, download, view documents associated with the scanned product
  • Whiteboarding on pictures taken from camera
  • Speech to text
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Geolocation and Geofencing
  • InContext Messaging & Notifications through Push notifications
  • Offline working capability
  • Single Sign On using OAuth 2.0 (with Azure Active Directory)
  • Over the air updates (CodePush) and Force update
  • React Native based universal mobile app
  • Single Page Application(SPA) with responsive UI
  • Application modeling with Lifecycles, Types, Relationships, and Attributes
  • Layout definitions for Dashboards, Role based Views, and Reports
  • Item creation, modification, geo-location, and state promotions
  • Print QR code labels
  • Access control – User and Role based
  • Customization with UI widgets and programs
  • Bulk upload and download of application data
  • Print QR code labels in bulk

Protrak Platform


Domain Modelling Studio


Process Automation Engine


Configurable UI Layout Engine


Role and User based Access Control


QR Code, Barcode Scanning and OCR from mobile


Geo-location Tracking


Inbuilt Search Engine


Reports & Analytics


Rich RESTful API and Webhooks for Integrations


Inbuilt Single-Sign-On Capability